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Posted on : 4th May 2017

We have become MCS Group and our new website is live! Go to our new website by clicking here. Or read more by clicking here.

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Pre-order the iPhone 7 today!

Posted on : 08th September 2016

Be the first to have the new iPhone 7! You can pre-order with MCS today. Call us on 0844 891 400 or email us at info@mcscomputers.net to order.

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Last chance to upgrade to Windows 10!

Posted on : 28th July 2016

Microsoft is about to stop it's free upgrade to Windows 10. Friday, 29th July 2016, is the last day Windows users can perform the free upgrade if they're using Windows 7 or 8.

Thereafter, you will potentially be charged up to £190.00 for the software. If you're planning on upgrading your Windows software without the charge of £190.00 then you have until tomorrow to do it! If you need any assistance please feel free to give us a call.

IT Support Southport

Brexit email scammers:

Posted on : 07th July 2016

We have noticed scammers are targeting users that are concerned about the results of Brexit by sending emails with the subject line related to the referendum along with malicious and infected attachments. Symantec, using their professional spam filtering service, have noticed a spike from 81,323 emails to 399,892... a huge increase!

Please be careful opening any email that you're not certain about. If you notice any emails that you may think are malicious or would like any more information, please call our office (0844 891 4000) and we will be happy to help.

You can read more about this by clicking here.

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Windows 10 forced update:

Posted on : 20th May 2016

Be careful installing the latest Windows Updates on your PC, laptop & tablets! We have noticed Windows 10 is being pushed out in these updates - so you may turn your PC on to find it has been upgraded to the latest OS. Before you run your updates, you can check the settings to see what updates are included.

If you have accidentally upgraded your PC, laptop or tablet to Windows 10 we can roll the OS back in our workshop or onsite. If you've been affected by this latest roll out of updates please let us know and we'd be happy to help!

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Receiving network / internet connection:

Posted on : 10th May 2016

On this web page you can see cables that are run around the world and shows how you receive a network and internet connection.

Click here to take a look.

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State-of-the-art Workshop Repair Centre:

Posted on : 05th May 2016

Are you aware that MCS have our own state-of-the-art workshop repair centre? Our engineers custom build PC's so that they're perfect for your requirements. All software is installed and updated correctly and we can also copy any of your data from an old PC or laptop.

Do you need a new PC? Please call us on 0844 891 4000 or email info@mcscomputers.net for more information and a free quotation.

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Alder Hey Children's Charity Donation:

Posted on : 14th March 2016

After making a donation, MCS are delighted with the response from Alder Hey Children's Charity.

You can see their thank you letter by clicking here.

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Windows 10:

Posted on : 08th March 2016

On the 29th July 2015, Microsoft released the new Operating System, Windows 10. All PC's, laptops and tablets running a legitimate license for either Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8 are eligibile for a FREE upgrade to Windows 10 within the 1st year of release.

If you would like more information or a strategy to upgrade your PC or PC's, please don't hesitate in contacting our offices.

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Email Hosting:

Posted on : 06th March 2013

Hosted Exchange 2010 is a business-class email messaging and collaboration service designed to help your business communicate securely, efficiently and effectively.

MCS Hosted Exchange is based on Microsoft Exchange 2010 Hosting Edition and combined with Microsoft Office Outlook, the service offers mobile, remote and desktop email access with start-of-the-art productivity, security and privacy.

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Big news for small Businesses:

Posted on : 11th August 2011

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 is here…

Eight years is a long time in IT. So if your network is still running the 2003 edition of Small Business Server (SBS), Microsoft SBS 2011 couldn’t come fast enough. It’s the ideal opportunity for you to upgrade your server to a powerful on-premises solution. It’s even available in two different versions for an even better fit to your suit your specific requirement.

Designed and priced for small business customers with up to 75 users, SBS 2011 uses an enterprise-class server technology which is an affordable, all-in-one solution that gives data more protection, makes users more productive, enables collaboration and the ability to work from virtually anywhere.

Remote workers can even connect to PC’S in the network and run applications, as well as having secure access to their files and documents through any common Web browser.

For more information about upgrading your network with the latest operating system give us a call today on 01704 562333 or 0151 541 1122.

IT Support Southport

MCS Launch new Website

Posted on : 7th June 2011

MCS are proud to present the launch of there new and improved website. The website contains an update of all the latest services available from MCS. The new site also features a blog containing all the latest company and industry news.

For more information about MCS and its IT services, please visit our website at www.mcscomputers.net or call us today on 01704 562333 or 0151 541 1122.

IT Support Southport

MCS open new office in Liverpool

Posted on : 2nd June 2011

MCS Computers are pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Liverpool.

The new office at the Connect Business Village, Derby Road, Liverpool opened on Wednesday 1st June 2011 as part of the continued growth at MCS. In addition, the office will focus on our dedicated commitment to improving the quality of service throughout the Merseyside area and looks to work closely with surrounding businesses.

For more information visit our website at www.mcscomputers.net or call us today on 01704 562333 or 0151 541 1122.

IT Support Liverpool

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